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Improve your golf with expert lessons, online tools, and statistics. Data driven for accurate, measurable results

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MyGolfGains was created to give everyone access to tools, statistics, and lessons that allow you to improve your golf in a data driven way.

There is no one weird trick or secret the pros don’t want you to know, using analytical data will show you where you need to improve and change your game to score lower and enjoy more.

But you don’t need to go the full Bryson or be a slave to Strokes Gained to have a place here. The resources are for everyone.

We have partnered with Mark Crossfield and Matt “Coach” Lockey to be our Evangelists-at-large. They will be producing content, asking questions and offering lessons. There may also be opportunities for you to review the latest equipment for them.

We are also pursuing relationships with golf equipment producers. Keep an eye out for offers and integrations.

Editor’s note:

Unfortunately LockDown II (UK version) has caught us on the back foot. But Mark and Coach have generously agreed to look at some swing fixes to help you fix your faults. So we have released this early version of MyGolfGains. Keep checking our social media for more announcements.

Effect of lie

A 20 handicap golfer will hit the green 54% of the time on an approach shot of less than 100yards from the fairway. From the rough the percentage drops to 42%. From a bunker it is just 29% of the time. Source: Shotscope

Most important Putt

For pros, the single most important putt distance is five feet (which they make 77% of the time); For amateurs it is 4 feet. Source: Mark Broadie / Every Shot Counts