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Matt and Mark really value the importance of high quality lessons that cater for the progression of each individual. They have worked hard over the years to develop and build a bespoke, tailor made package that focuses primarily on sustaining measured improvement for each student. 

The options listed below will provide a greater depth of what packages and options are available.

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Exclusive membership:

This membership package is available on an 'exclusive' basis and therefore spaces are limited. What the membership offers:

  • 1 x 30 minute zoom call per month with Matt or Mark
  • GPS tracking devices are available to record statistic and data collection if required
  • A video swing review
  • Monitored stat review
  • Automatic entry into 'giveaways' and 'becoming a tester'
  • A chance to play with Matt and Mark on the muppet tour
  • Matt or Mark's personal contact throughout duration of membership

This membership is best suited to a committed golfer who is willing to work alongside Matt and Mark by working hard on their stats and data as well as being receptive to advice. Once we have received your swing video, we will carefully analyse any data and then contact you directly with your first set of customised targets. For this membership to maximise a student's potential it requires full commitment which in return will be equally matched by Matt and Mark.

If you are interested in this exclusive membership please follow the link below. However, if you feel this is not suited to you at this time, please find more information below on individual lessons.

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Virtual individual lessons:

Matt and Mark offer individual lessons that ensure each student leaves with a greater insight on how to enhance their golf and develop new skills. These lessons offer:

  • 1 x 30 minute consultation zoom call with Matt or Mark getting to know the student.
  • After the initial consultation, Matt and Mark will review the swing video along with any data. They will then send a recorded customised video tailored to the student's swing fix and tips on how to progress.
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Face-to-face lessons:

Matt has limited space throughout the year where he can provide face-to-face lessons at Honiton Golf Club. These lessons take place in a state of the art studio with the world's leading technology to help analyse and measure your golf.

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